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Xyloba – the marble run that makes music Brochures

Our product information tells you everything you want to know about Xyloba, the marble run that creates music. We have a handy folding flyer which presents all the information about Xyloba in A6 format, and an easy-to-read A4 brochure. There is also a manual for the piccolino, mezzo and orchestra basic kits, as well as for the folksongs 1 and 2 melody kits and the Xyloba Christmas Songs kits.

Xyloba brochures

Xyloba brochure 3.74 MB

Leporello Xyloba 2.39 MB

Flyer Xyloba Melodia 1 & 2 786.23 KB

Xyloba instruction booklets

Instruction booklet Xyloba melodia Christmas Songs

Instruction booklet Xyloba Melodia 1 & 2 3.66 MB

Instruction booklet melodia Kindergarten 5.25 MB

Instruction booklet Xyloba melodia Lullabies

Instruction booklet Xyloba Melodia Happy Birthday 3.66 MB

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