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Very nice marble run

We received this marble run as a gift for our two-year-old son for Christmas and are very impressed. The workmanship is very good and the sounds are really nice. Anyone who's familiar with the usual cheap xylophones for children will know that this is not always the case, while xylophones offering comparable sound quality are extremely expensive. The other parts are also very well made. The system is very well thought out, and the interlocking parts allow you to build quite stable marble runs while still being easy to build with. Our two-year-old couldn't do it himself right away, but I suspect he will learn quickly and in the meantime building it together is also fun. He also started experimenting with the sounds and the different marbles right away. There are marbles made from different materials that create sounds of different volumes. I recommend buying these at the same time, as the set only comes with glass marbles. Short and long sounds can be produced by varying the length of the ramps in the run, enabling you to play short melodies.

By Fractality, January 2013

Ingenious combination of construction and composition

There's no need for instructions, as the run is simple and intuitive to set up. The combination of practical marble run construction and creative melody composition (whole tones in the scale of C major with 'programmable' intervals) is ingenious! You can even 'compose' two-part harmonies with two parallel marble runs (provided you have enough pieces). The price is appropriate to the high quality of the product. Ingenious combination of construction and composition...

By Rudiack, 28 Dezember 2012

Wonderful marble run!

We were looking for the ultimate marble run and came across Xyloba. It certainly lived up to our expectations! It's still pretty tricky for younger children to build (although there's generally no shortage of willing adults to help them :-) ), but from age 3 or 4 upwards they can manage it, or at least parts of it, perfectly happily themselves. The sounds are nice and pure. And of course, however many pieces you own, you never have quite enough...

The marble run is a really high-quality, well-made product, definitely a recommended purchase.

By R., 14 Oktober 2012

Every child should have a marble run like this!

Since I place great emphasis on my daughter having just a few, high-quality toys, as per usual I was looking for the ultimate marble run.

After a bit of research I found this one and felt that it would make a very nice Christmas present, not least due to the Spiel gut (play well) symbol.

As a result my then 20-month-old daughter was given this musical marble run by her grandparents last year, and since then it has been played with almost every day in our lounge.

The sound is pure, the notes are as clear as a bell and yet powerful, the principle is easy to grasp, and even my relatively young daughter has had a great deal of fun with it right from the outset. Obviously you still have to give a two-year-old a helping hand now and again to push the sound plates in without sending the whole tower flying, but given that young and old alike love making music with the marble run, you're sitting right beside her anyway.

I myself have a very good ear for impure notes and a real feel for classical music, and I am convinced that this 'toy' will give even more tonally discerning parents a great deal of pleasure.

The price is justified as the workmanship is first-class and guarantees many, many years of enjoyable play. All the children and parents that have visited us in the last year were impressed and totally won over by this high-quality toy.

We have not had any concerns about our daughter swallowing the marbles. Top marks in all categories!

By morka (Leipzig), 14 August 2011

Brilliant idea for a toy

A brilliant, borderline ingenious idea for a toy that is exceptionally well made, encourages a huge amount of creativity and is worth every cent for children of (almost) any age and also for every young-at-heart adult, however old they are.

By Trauli, 27 February 2011

Great idea, excellent materials and workmanship

The whole family – three generations – was impressed. The three grandchildren have music lessons in seven instruments and spent hours 'playing', making music and composing.

We will definitely be extending our Xyloba marble run.

Knoch, Sylt, 22 April 2009


After initial scepticism the marble run proved to be an imaginative, creative toy for the whole family. The cascading sound sequences created by sending down several marbles together were a particular hit.

Ettena, 6 February 2009

Got the generations working together

  • very good quality
  • got grandchild and grandfather working together, and not just at Christmas
  • promotes communication and togetherness through success or the quest for it

Paul, Euskirchen, 5 January 2009

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