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Xyloba is a brand of the Weizenkorn Foundation in Basel Xyloba marble runs are manufactured in the sheltered workshops of the Weizenkorn Foundation in Basel. The Weizenkorn sheltered workshops are a social business. They offer over 200 supported work and apprenticeship places predominantly for young men and women who, for psychological reasons, are temporarily or permanently unable to find a job on the open labour market. The individual components of our Xyloba marble run are drilled, cut and sanded from raw wood. Several production steps are performed manually and give people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in a meaningful activity.

Our goal:

For people to work in a job that challenges and satisfies them.

For them to receive the opportunity to discover their strengths in their particular situations and bring those strengths to bear in a suitable field of work.

Their independence is improved and their chances of integration increased though targeted support and training.

Through performance-independent appreciation, they learn that their contribution to society is desirable and important.

Besides producing the Xyloba musical marble run, Weizenkorn also creates timeless, beautiful wooden toys, high quality candles and other products. We are proud and grateful in equal measure that the products and services created from this work have found market success, especially in today's economic environment.


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