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spiel gut has been providing advice for purchasing toys for six decades. For all that time, the orange seal has been offering parents a decision-making aid to find the right thing for their child in the enormous toy market. Toys with the spiel gut label have been tested by children and found to be particularly suitable by experts. Our musical marble run received this award shortly after its market launch (2006). For more information:


The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the world's most important event dedicated exclusively to inventions. All the inventions are shown at the Geneva Exhibition for the first time. Industrial and commercial companies, universities, inventors and researchers, associations and private and public organisations and institutions all present their inventions, findings, research and new products. The first prototype of our musical marble run won the bronze medal way back in 1975. For more information:



The "exzellent:produkt" prize is awarded by the Federal Association of Workshops for Disabled People (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen). It has become a springboard to the top of the premier league for design and marketing. Our Xyloba marble run has received this prize. Click here


ASTM International is an international standards organisation based in Pennsylvania, USA. It publishes technical standards for goods and services. Our Xyloba marble run system complies with ASTM technical standards. For more information:


CE marks compliance with requirements to ensure health, safety and environmental protection. CE is a symbol of a new way of thinking: the manufacturer has a lasting responsibility for their product, while the legislator just sets out the framework. Our marble run, made of 100% natural beech wood, meets these requirements. For more information:

Bewegte Innovation_en

Testing and labelling quality. The "Bewegte Innovation" ("Moving Innovation") quality label from the Würzburg Movement Laboratory (Würzburg Bewegungslabor) is now being applied to products which have been suitably tested and received a positive evaluation. The label is the result of many years of research and practical experience regarding the fundamental topics of child movement. This means that the movement devices given this label by the University of Würzburg offer considerable potential for enabling individuals, including young people, adults and seniors, to experience quality of movement and quality of life. The quality label from the Movement Laboratory at the University of Würzburg shows the quality of the movement education and innovative content in the labelled product, offering a useful decision-making guide for choosing and purchasing suitable movement equipment. With the help of an extensive and critical test procedure, the label emphasises the products' value for movement, learning and play. For more information:http://www.

Nominierung TOP10_en

An important guide for the toy industry is the TOP 10 toy list created by the Federal Association of Toy Retailers (Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels, BVS). The jury members are toy and leisure experts, and occupy leading positions for one of the large toy store associations and chains. These experts use their decades of retail experience to estimate the potential that each individual item has to become a bestseller. This makes them the ideal trend scouts for the "TOP 10 Toys" list. Xyloba – The marble run that creates music, has been nominated.Click here


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